Favourite Beauty Products to Stay Hydrated in the Winter ~ Part 2

Hi all!

So I promised I would be back with my part 2 of favourite beauty products to stay hydrated this winter! This time we’re talking all about facial products! It is so important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated for so many reasons including wrinkle prevention (we all wanna stay young right?). Here are my go to products during the winter season!

Face creams

1. Nivea Moisturizing Day Cream – my daily moisturizer, which is extra needed during the winter months. Plus it has an spf of 15 to protect your face from daily sun exposure. I also find it sits under foundation really nicely and does not leave a shiny finish.

2. Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturizing Night Cream – I kept with Nivea when choosing a night moisturizer. The difference I find with this and the day cream, is that the night cream is a little thicker and lasts all night long! Everyone’s skin is a little different and some moisturizers give me breakouts. This hasn’t been the case with either of these moisturizers so if you also have this problem I highly recommend you try these two!


3. Ole Henrikson Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub – not only is moisturizing important during this dry time of year, but so is exfoliating! I try to use a facial scrub about twice a week – too often will actually dry out your skin. The scrub removes any dead and dry skin, while also being a great treatment prior to applying moisturizer (just don’t forget to do this after!) Lately my favourite has been this one by Ole Henrikson as I find it the goldilocks of the grit. Not too rough on my skin, but enough texture to feel like the product is actually working. Check it out at Sephora here!


Lips! There’s nothing worse than cracking and flaking dry lips – we’ve all been there. (Side note: Along with a facial scrub, I also do a lip scrub – my favourites that I switch between are from lush – Mint Julips and Fresh Lip Polish)

4. Polysporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy – I’ve tried expensive lip therapy’s but find this does just as good of a job! Its a thick white cream, but once you rub it in a little it’s no longer white (Don’t rub in too much though! You want enough of a layer to soak in overnight). Any dry parts I have, are fixed by the time morning comes around and I can definitely tell when I don’t use it (ie. a few not so fun lip cracks happened this winter).

5. Softlips Lip Moisturizer – I have these EVERYWHERE. Growing up skating meant I went through a lot of lip chap and tried many different kinds. This is by far my favourite. I have it in all my bags and even put in on every time before I teach my spin class – a mandatory step to getting ready. This doesn’t dry out your lips at all even when it’s been a while since the last application (does anyone else find some lip chap dries out your lips? Isn’t this what’s not supposed to happen?). And an added bonus of SPF 20. Protecting not just your face from the sun is important too! Nothing but good things about this product and I obviously use it all year round. Go try it out for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it!

Do you have any go to winter face products that I should try? It’s still snowing here so the season definitely isn’t over yet. I’d love to hear them and try them out!


Madison Paige


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