Pinterest Try: Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Pies

Like I’m sure many of us, I can get lost in Pinterest for hours on end. I love getting inspiration, recipes, new ideas and even some great tips and tricks by scrolling through all the pages. In this new post I am starting a ‘Pinterest Try’ series where I test out recipes or DIYs and share with you how it goes….. I can only imagine not all of them will go perfect, but I will share with you guys the outcome!

This time I tried a Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Pie recipe from Carlsbad Cravings. And a little spoiler – they turned out AMAZING! I did change a few things along the way though, so keep reading to find out what I did.

I originally found this recipe when searching for a peanut butter dessert to make for valentines day…. my boyfriend loves peanut butter and chocolate, but I wanted to make something a little more exciting than buying a pint of ice cream. For ours, I took the mini pie idea to a whole new level. I decided to use mini cupcake tins to make the dessert perfectly bite sized. (And if you happen to eat a few (I promise you will want to), you tend to feel a little better than eating a few full sized ones).


Other recipe changes included:

  • I added a little bit of extra cinnamon which gave the pie filling a great flavour
  • I also left out the skor bits (they called them toffee bits in the recipe) in the pie filling and instead just added them to the top.


  • I didn’t add peanuts or chocolate chips to the top either, like I said above, just the skor bits


  • I also left a few without chocolate for my mom and just drizzled peanut butter and placed skor bits on top. My mom can attest, these were also delicious if you’re not a big fan of chocolate!

If you guys wanted to know, the peanut butter I used was extra creamy from Kraft. (This is also the best peanut butter for peanut butter cookies!)

Give these a try for yourself, they’re easy and quick to make (other than the freezer time) and also look professional and appetizing!

Check out the original recipe HERE!

What other recipes on Pinterest should I try or have you tried! Let me know in the comments!


Madison Paige


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