Easy Nespresso Iced Americano


Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d share with you all my go to morning coffee drink. I first got my Nespresso Essenza Mini in the winter to make my favourite coffees at home instead of buying from coffee shops as often. The Nespresso makes espresso so easy. This summer, I’ve been all about iced drinks and so favourite way to start my morning is by making an iced americano. For my americano, I start with filling a glass to the top with ice and then fill with filtered water leaving enough room for the espresso shots and milk.

ice           I then pull my espresso shots, I prefer two. Today I went with Dharkan. This is a stronger espresso and is described on the website as having notes of bitter cocoa and toasted cereal. Then pour the shots over the ice and water. The shots are hot so a bit of ice will melt, but that’s why we will ice to the top and add water first.

nespresso  shotamer

Then, I pour my favourite creamer, filling to the top. My favourite has been almond milk, but whatever you choose would be delicious!

milk  cup

*quick tip: If you are wanting to add sugar or any type of sweetener, add it to the espresso shots. That way it melts and is incorporated into the drink instead of sitting at the bottom. Enjoy!


Madison Paige

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