Keeping up the Summer Tan

With only a few weeks of summer left, tans start to fade as we get ready for the leaves to fall. I’m not quite ready to let go though so I typically like to keep my tan up for a little bit longer. Now we’ve all been told about the dangers of sun tanning (skin cancer, wrinkles, and other not so fun things) but still love the look of being sun kissed. Even during the summer months I tend to not tan in the sun but instead stick with a sunless tan! Today I’m sharing with you my go to at home tan routine sans sun and how to make it last into fall!

Tip: I tend to do this all at night so the tan has time to process while I’m sleeping. Just make sure to wait about 30 minutes before lying down so the tan has time to dry! (minimum 10, but I like to wait a little longer just to make sure)



This first step is so important and will make or break your tan! Starting in the shower make sure to exfoliate everywhere that you will be applying tan to remove any extra dry and dead skin cells.

After the shower moisturize, focusing on extra dry spots like knees, ankles, elbows, etc.

Time to tan!

My favourite self tanning product is St. Tropez. It’s a little bit pricier, but I promise it’s worth it. The colour is great! (Not too orange, which can be a problem especially with cheaper products). I’ve used both the cream and the mouse and prefer the mouse as it’s a little bit harder to mess up and leave lines. Also, make sure to use a mitt!

Applying the product to the mitt first, apply the tanning mouse in circular motions all over your body equally distributing the product

Tip: work in sections! For example, focus on lower legs before moving on to another body part to make sure it doesn’t dry in place before you have it evenly spread

Post application

Give yourself some time to dry before getting dressed. I would wait 10 minutes to put clothes on so during this time you can blast some music and have a dance party in your bathroom or whatever else you want to do for that time. Then when you do decide to get dressed, nothing too tight that would rub the product off and definitely not white! Check the packaging, every product will be a little bit different, but it may take a number hours to fully process so avoid light colours and tight clothing for at least the first few hours.

Face Matching?

I also love the St. Tropez face tanning cream. I put it on before bed and let it work its magic overnight. This way my face matches a little bit better to the rest of my body even if I’m not wearing makeup. I’m also guilty of adding on a little extra bronzer to even out colour!


Madison Paige

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